Bones – DownTheDrain Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Drop the knot
The time they mostly never heard about
Pop a knot
They turning, here’s I guess they hear me now
I’m a legend, underground treasure
Someone to burn about
Killing my legend, pick it up dead, Ima always conserve myself
Never was born for the wealth
Give me some blunts and my health
If I can’t have both, I’m choosing death
Tell me, what the fuck’s a law
When you with they cast a law
I get food, water, dope, woods to rap, we won’t cough

[Hook x2]
Blame it down, come make my day (make my)
I’ve been waiting since yesterday
Patiently, I’ve had to praise today
Spend my whole life going down the drain

[Verse 2]
Bitch, I’mma crack it, lose your hand if you reach
Get your muscles on sight, I don’t need a reason
Thinking you had a hard life, wait until I see it
Ask [?] in the room, life with that heater

Warmer, warmer, warmer, warmer, warmer, make it warmer
Warmer, warmer, warmer, warmer, warmer, make it warmer

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